Bealies Crowd Funding March 2021 Launch  

So. Here we are already. March 2021 and we are really pleased to announce our crowd funder starts today.
For the past few months, I have spent time writing letters to local companies and big companies asking for donations that I can offer as a reward to be given in return for pledges. I know this is a difficult time to be asking for things for free but hopefully people believe enough in what I’m doing and will be generous towards this cause. It is also a way for local business to get some free advertising to help get their businesses up and running again as we know that businesses will be losing thousands of pounds during lockdown.
The past year has been a very unusual time I won’t mention the dreaded C word but we all know what I’m talking about . As a front line worker ( I am still working as a mental health social worker ) I’ve had my first injection and hopefully people with disabilities and spinal cord injuries will get theirs soon to help keep them safe.
Take care see you next month.
Caron and Emile