1. UK Travel
We have travelled around Great Britain with Kidz to Adultz UK exhibitions to spread the word and tell our story of how Bealies Adaptive Wear came to be.  We have been to Liverpool, Scotland, Coventry and back to our hometown of Manchester! In 2023 we plan to go to Kidz to Adultz Wales – can’t wait for that!
2. An International Trip
What else did I do in 2022?! Well I went to Jamaica where my parents are from. We met up with the Jamaican Paralympic team and donated some of our Adult Joggers to them! They are building a Paralympic team hopefully to match their able bodied athletic team!
We got to look around their facilities and it gave me such an insight into services for spinal injured people across the world. In Jamaica it’s very basic. We still need better facilities in the UK, but it made me realise how fortunate we are that we have the NHS here. They make the best of what they’ve got in Jamaica, but it made me feel so incredibly privileged.
3. Our bestselling Joggers
Towards the end of 2022 we’ve seen an increase in sales! 🚀 Last month a 50% increase! We even sold out of the extra large sizes and had to make some more! We sold out of the children’s sizes which I repurposed as a bit of an experiment and now I’m pleased to say that we will be producing them this year! The perfect casual Joggers for children to use as school uniform.
4. What’s next?
In 2023 we will be launching some new products to go with our Joggers! We are designing sweatshirts and Hoodies with openings to make dressing easier. We are trialling different materials, like denim and chino type materials to add to Bealies Adaptive Wear collection.
5. Finally Emile, the inspiration behind Bealies!
Emile continues to thrive and is managing very well with his spinal-cord injury. Nearly 7 years in (I don’t know where the time is gone!) he’s grown into a handsome young man who will be 21 in May this year! He’ll be leaving his college this summer and we will be looking for further education places for him to attend from September 2023.

Lots of changes for us as a family in 2022. My daughter left home in September to go to University in Bristol. I’ve found this quite difficult. She’s my youngest and only daughter! But, she’s enjoying student life, and having a great time in Bristol.

My eldest son bought his first flat with Emile! My eldest son lives in it, but they bought it together as an investment for them both. So my nest is 2/3 empty now! It’s just me Emile, and his father at home! This is a new stage for me and a massive opportunity for me to grow Bealies Adaptive Wear 👖👩‍🦽

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Caron x