December 2020

Well I’ve done it! Bealies adaptive wear is now a business, well nearly. But the process is nearly done. Trouser pattern made, check! Prototype made, check! Website finished, well nearly after this blog is done, check ! 

Show me the money! Crowdfunding campaign will be going live on the 1st march 2021 to raise the funds to make the first run of the adaptive joggers. I will be offering rewards for pledges e.g. Discounts on the joggers and Bealies gift bags. We will launch the business and the products in summer 2021

A Little History

My name is Caron Mcluckie mum of 3 children, my son Emile had a spinal cord stroke in 2016 age just 13 and a half, the stroke left him paralysed from the chest down and a full time wheelchair user. He has no bladder or bowel function and we have to catheterise every 3 hours to empty his bladder. Emile likes to wear joggers, nice t-shirts and trainers, he loves trainers. However, joggers and all clothes are made for standing people, so when you are sitting in a wheelchair your clothes sag at the back and don’t fit properly, also joggers are not made with fly openings so it was difficult to catheterise. After looking around the adaptivewear market I couldn’t find anything that would work, so I designed my own and Bealies Adaptivewear was born!

See you in January 2021

Have a happy new year x