One of my Instagram posts was shared in an online article for Cosmopolitan about adaptive wear. So exciting! The young girl who was the model for Bealies joggers was delighted too.

I love the title too “10 stylish, inclusive fashion brands to know (and love)”.

“Stylish and inclusive” brilliant, that is exactly how I want Bealies Adaptive Wear to be known. Adaptive wear in the UK isn’t always fashionable or on-trend. One of the reasons I started my company was because I couldn’t find the trendy joggers my son wanted to wear. I searched and found US brands or expensive items. I bought standard joggers and used my sewing skills to adjust them, but it just wasn’t working. After a few months of designing on my kitchen table, I eventually came up with the prototype for Bealies Joggers.

They’ve changed a lot since I started, with feedback from people who have tried them. I’ve learned about other disabilities and their needs for adaptive clothing too. Behind the scenes, I’m talking with people about hoodies, where extra zips might be helpful and what limitations people experience with the standard design.

But for now, wow! Cosmopolitan article. So exciting. Many thanks to Lauren Nathan Lane for including me in your article.

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