I know its March but I have been busy.
The online shop is up and running and I have a retail unit at the Broadstone Mill Shopping outlet in Reddish, Stockport, which means that wheelchair users can buy our products in person.

Do you know how Bealies Adaptive Wear got its name?

Emile’s sister Esther started to call Emile “Bealie” when they were young, as it rhymed with Emile. Esther now calls him “Fart-Head” 😂

It’s a good job we chose Bealies otherwise we might have been called “Fart-Head Adaptive Wear” lol, that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it?

Bealies Adaptive Wear is a family run business started on my kitchen table at home in Stockport Cheshire. I wanted joggers for Emile that were both fashionable, practical and make him feel good. When it came to choosing the name, picking something that represented our family was important.

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Caron and Emile